Our History

About 15+ years ago, a group of Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider experts with industry experience came together to start their own venture. With a mission of resolving the pain points of operators as well as punters and a vision of creating the most advanced sportsbook, Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider designer and Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider developer started a ready-to-launch Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider betting software.

In the short span of time. Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider experts have worked with great people around the globe, have collaborated with some of the most talented teams and have delivered solutions we were proud of.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider business became a brand name. Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider currently has office in UAE, uk. Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider business has an international team and an official presence in several countries.

diamondexch casino api provider company now has more than 100+ client and 50000+ users.

Our Working

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider can also boast of having a team of highly qualified professionals who work with all Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider clients and make it easy and comfortable for them in all the sports ,casino betting we offer. This know-how is also growing thanks to the reporting tools available with the software, continuously analysing the data of the reports that provide a complete view of the sports betting activity for each player.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider games are Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Greyhound racing, Horse racing, Exchange games , Live casinos etc. Now based on different cricketing tounaments like IPL, CPL, BBL, T20 World etc – we’ve got some of the best minds in the industry all teaming up to give you an unrivalled, fun and simple betting experience.

Identifying with your short term and long term business goals, we put ourselves in your shoes to completely understand your requirements.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider engineer provides on-demand customization, you can customize the sports betting solution as per your brand,theme color, identify,and other requirement of your sports betting business.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider changes as per your business needs and make it available to the users as possible. Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider's white label sports betting platform can be quickly launched within a few days.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider developer have successfully delivered various projects to our different clients based in varying geographical locations.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider engineer ensure that the software is complete and tested to the finest. With several test techniques to check the quality of the product, Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider engineer make sure that the execution of software is flawless.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider help center provides you with complete customer support pre and post the final product launch. With a team available always available to assist, we enable you to make your way to the top.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider app provides you amazing betting experience.we also provide live odds api gambling odds api and betfair odds api etc.

The Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider exchange rate allows you to back and lay with the best betting odds and lowest commission on all major sports and politics.

we have the best betfair api in india and also have the global presence.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider guide will provide you demo. Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider request can be placed by visiting Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider contact us page. people can directly call us, Skype us or submit the details on the page.Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider phone number, skype ID and Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider email is displayed on the contact us page.

Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider betting software is available on Diamondexchcasinoapiprovider mobile(Android,IOS) and web platform.