How do I get my Betfair API key?

Please refer to this detailed document provided by Betfair on their website

Betfair API Quick Start

Betfair api authentication
Api authentication

Betfair exchange api login (please refer to following Link)

Betfair exchange api documentation

Betfair exchange api status

Betfair reference guide

Betfair Api Demo
Api demo

Now here you can directly get access from our Apis which are similar to Betfair api and could be started easily No verification needed.

1. Betfair API Demo ID
2. Betfair API Account API
3. Betfair API Support
4. Betfair api price data

Does betfair have an api

Betfair api news
Please note that any outage and any updates of betfair api are published and updated on this Twitter handle

Betfair Api Apps

Betfair api excel
betfair api excel

Betfair api minimum bet size
api minimum bet size